Industrial park Nova Gradiška Ltd.
Address: II Industrijski odvojak 2, 35400 Nova Gradiška, Croatia
Working time: Monday – Friday, 07:00 – 15:00


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About us

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Industrial park Nova Gradiška d.o.o. was established with the purpose of industrial zone development, as the entrepreneurship center in the Nova Gradiška area. Entrepreneurship stimulation had a positive impact on the entire economic development of Nova Gradiška and the Brod-Posavina County, which also reflected on employment creation as well as increasing the employment of local population. For the purpose of strengthening the business potential, developing entrepreneurs economic success and stimulating innovations, in 2007. The Business Innovation Support Center (BISC) was opened within Industrial Park Nova Gradiška. BISC offers several business and technological services aimed at entrepreneurs.

Industrial Park Nova Gradiška consists of employees who, with their knowledge and skills in various areas – business, education and technology, make Industrial Zone Nova Gradiška an ideal zone for investment and further development of small, medium – sized and large enterprises.

Services of Industrial Park Nova Gradiška

Completely infrastructurally equipped zone for investments, traffically connected with European markets, complemented with BISC center and its business and technology services for entrepreneurs.

Investment zone

For small, medium-sized and large enterprises. Exceptional geotraffical position. Highly qualified workforce. Abundance of natural resources.

Investors in the Park

Enterprises from various industries with recognizable products and services in local and foreign markets.

Advisory services for entrepreneurs

Engineering services that stimulate growth of technologically oriented enterprises. Business advisory and educational services for development and strengthening the competition of entrepreneurs.


The City of Nova Gradiška economic growth through the Industrial park Nova Gradiška projects oriented on infrastructural and entrepreneurial development, including employment encouraging.