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IPA: Operational Programme for Human Resources Development2007 – 2009, Local Partnerships for Employment – Phase 3

Project Title: New skills for new employment

Total project costs: 130,593.51 €

Requested funds: 95,793.51 €

Applicant: INDUSTRIAL PARK NOVA GRADIŠKA Ltd. for Development and Investments

Contracting Authority: Croatian Employment Service, Department for Financing and Contracting of EU Projects

Partners in the project:

  1. The City of Nova Gradiška
  2. Croatian Employment Service – Regional branch Sl. Brod
  3. Croatian Chamber of Economy – Sl. Brod Country Chambe
  4. Croatian Chamber of Trade and Crafts – Sl. Brod Country Chamber
  5. Industrial school Nova Gradiška

Target groups: Unemployed, employed with the possibility of job loss, students.

Final beneficiaries: INDUSTRIAL PARK NOVA GRADIŠKA Ltd., The City of Nova Gradiška and Brod Posavina County.

Project objective

The wider project objective is: ”To contribute to new employment and existing job preservation in Brod Posavina County by upgrading workforce skills and knowledge in area of new technologies.”


The specific objectives of the project would be to provide for the: “Development of system for workforce skills upgrade in the area of new technology and for effective job search in relation to market needs and trends, and in accordance to regional business needs and requirements.”

Main activities

  1. Development of local active labour market cooperation network – Development of partnership and cooperation network which will involve business sector (CCE, CCC, companies, crafts), employment institutions (CES), educational institutions (Industrial school Nova Gradiška), local and regional authorities (City of Nova Gradiška, Brod posavina County). Development of Local labour market monitoring and analysis model. Development of Local labour market information system. Portal development.
  2. Training service development – Training curricula preparation; 64 trainees attend and successfully complete customised training program (CNC metal processing – 120 hours – 32 trainees, CNC programming – 120 hours – 10 trainees, Training in measurement techniques – 120 hours – 10 trainees, IT – ECDL program – 240 hours – 12 trainees); Evaluation and Certification.
  3. Job club design and development- Realisation of special workshops and guidance in intensive process of finding job throughout the 12-week programme aimed at strengthening of self-confidence, helps unemployed to prepare an individual career plan, find work and/or start a new career, finish or continue certain education programmes.
  4. Network roll out and promotion – Once overall design of the network is completed together with the adjoin services and portal, it will be presented to the community and potential clients. Development and realisation of promotional plan involve promotion of training activities, network promotion, portal promotion (conference, direct promotion and overall promotional activities).
  5. Project management activities- Project implementation requires professional project management with developed detailed project methodology and secured mechanisms for quality assurance.

The project should produce the following results:

  1. Developed local active labour market network
  2. Training service developed – 64 trainees have been trained for work on new technologies
  3. Job club is designed and developed – a number of trainees have been employed (26) and/or improve its employability and working prospects (26)
  4. New investment are attracted as a result of trained workforce



Croatian Employment Service – Regional branch Sl. Brod

The composition of beneficiaries of the Croatian Employment Service is very diverse: from students in elementary school through the high school, students, unemployed, and employed adults. Students from primary school are the beneficiaries vocational guidance (informing and consultation) since they are faced with important professional decision – selection of schools and the first jobs. Part of their job deals with foreign nationals who are employed in the Republic of Croatia. And those on this site may find the information that will probably use.

Croatian Chamber of Economy – Sl. Brod Country Chamber

The door of the Croatian Chamber of Economy is open to all domestic and foreign business people. In regular activities, The Chamber provides them with the ability to use business information, services and contacts.

The City of Nova Gradiška

The City of Nova Gradiška is located on the area of western Slavonia. The city has 15.800 citizens and the center of area with a population of 60.000. Economic potentials of City Nova Gradiška, constitute a significant human and natural resources, and outstanding geo-traffic position. Workforce is relatively educated and qualified. Nova Gradiška is positioned on crossroads of important international roads (E70) and railroads, telecommunications systems and oil pipeline, that connect countries Western Europe with the countries of Southeast Europe and the Middle East, what forms the basis for the development of the City as of traffic, the logistical and the distribution centre. The significant forest and agricultural areas, preserved natural environment with a relatively low degree of pollution, form the basis for the development of tourism, ecological agriculture and forestry, the wood processing and food processing industries based on highly quality domestic raw materials and long-standing tradition.

Croatian Chamber of Trade and Crafts – Sl. Brod Country Chamber

Croatian Chamber of Crafts is an independent professional business organization of craftsmen established to promote harmonization and representing the interests of crafts. Croatian Chamber of Trade and Crafts – Sl. Brod Counry Chamber is a member of the Croatian Chamber of Trade and Crafts, which is consisted of the 20 county crafts chambers with about 100.000 tradesmen. In Chamber of Crafts Brod Posavina County two associations of craftsmen are members from the field Brod Posavina County with 3.555 craftsmen.


Industrial school Nova Gradiška