Industrial park Nova Gradiška Ltd.
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The TechnoPark Nova Gradiška project represents the first step in developing a technology park in Nova Gradiska and it is preparing the ground in terms of infrastructures, services and capacities for additional initiatives to support SMEs competitiveness and attract further investments.

The park is focused on the following areas (particular attention is devoted to environmentally sensitive investments):

  • Metal-processing industry
  • Engineering and car parts
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electrical appliances
  • Wood industry

Total project costs: 1.147.267,20 €

Requested funds: 803.087,04 €

Applicant: The City of Nova Gradiška

Contracting Authority: Central Finance and Contracting Agency

Target groups: SME’s (existing companies and crafts, start-ups, new investors), students, workers and professionals mainly in the metal, wood and electro-technical sectors.

Final beneficiaries: The City of Nova Gradiška, Brod Posavina County

Project objective

The overall objective is to contribute to the sustainable regional development and to improve the competitiveness of the region , in terms of new jobs in technology intensive secondary sectors requiringhighly skilled local workers.

The specific objective is to support the development of innovation, knowledge and tech-based entrepreneurship, and the creation of new value added jobs.

Main activities

According to the project’s objectives, target groups and expected results, the following main activities have been identified:

  • Set-up of the technical and organizational structure of the multi- sector technopark, which includes a Centre for Training in New Technologies, a Business Technology incubator, a Centre for Engineering and Technology Services, and a Centre for Marketing and Business Services.
  • Set up of 2 specialized labs for metal and wood processing, equipped with advanced equipment and machinery. The labs are available for technical training courses for SMEs and students, and can be can be used to carry out outsourced industrial processes.
  • Development of a collaborative network among educational and R&D institutions, business sector and public administration. Implementation of a “regional cluster” concept.
  • Sharing of EU best practices in relevant areas and establishment of international collaborative network, also by means of a targeted study tour.
  • Improvement of management and technical skills and knowledge in the areas of international business services, know-how/technology transfer and business incubation.
  • Development of entrepreneurship through the organization of training courses for students, unemployed people, SMEs staff
  • Design and development of new services for SMEs related to new technologies, marketing, international business opportunities, business incubation and technical/entrepreneurial training.


  • Established multi-sector TechnoPark organizational and service structure.
  • Established capacity building mechanism for the development and the provision of integrated market driven services to business.
  • TechnoPark staff involved in training on the job and coaching activities and in the development of services aimed at supporting SMEs competitiveness in collaboration with Mechanical Engineering Faculty (MEF) from Slavonski Brod.
  • Established cooperation and networking mechanism with the main stakeholders supporting innovation and SMEs competitiveness in the County.
  • Performed MEF competences mapping, an important result that will facilitate the cooperation between research and businesses and improve innovation management and development opportunities for SMEs.
  • Established capacity building mechanism for the focusing of VET locally provided on labour market needs.
  • Trained local students from high schools and from MEF, unemployed people and SMEs workers on managerial topics (marketing, project management, cost benefit analysis, finance management, etc.). and up-to-date technologies, primarily in metal working processes.



INDUSTRIAL PARK NOVA GRADIŠKA, Ltd. for development and investment

INDUSTRIAL PARK NOVA GRADIŠKA, Ltd. is a business institution with the aim to upgrade labour force skills and knowlede in the field of new technologies, to upgrade capabilities of Industrial park to attract and facilitate new investment and to improve business performance and foster technological development and transfer of R&D and innovation in SMEs sector.

Industrial park is positioned on very favourable location beside international motorway E 70, on the area of 82 ha, with additional 60 ha available. Infrastructurely equipped land is offered to investors under favourable conditions. Excelent location enables good connection and fast access to EU market, as well as, South and Eastern European market.


Brod Posavina County

Brod Posavina County is located in the southern part of the Slavonian lowland, the area between mount Psunj, Pozega’s and Dilj highlands from the north and the Sava river from the south, and covers a total area of ​​2.043 km2, which makes 3,61 % of total Croatian territory (56.542 km2). According to population census from year 2001., the Brod Posavina County has 176.765 residents which is for 2005 inhabitants or 1,15% less than in year 1991. Brod Posavina County participating with 3,95 % of the total population of Croatian (4.381.352). The average population density is 84,68 inhabitants per 1 km2.


Consorzio per l’AREA di Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica di Trieste – AREA Science Park, Italy

The Consorzio per l’AREA di Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica di Trieste (I) – briefly AREA – is the national public research organization of the Italian Ministry of University and Research appointed to manage AREA Science Park, one of the leading multi-sector science and technology parks in Europe, specialized in life sciences, electronics, ICTs, new materials, environmental technologies and energy.

AREA Science Park accommodates 85 research and business organizations (15 research centres and 70 SMEs) in 90.000 sqm of equipped laboratories and offices, it employs about 2.300 skilled persons and it had an overall turnover of almost euro 180 million in 2010.

AREA has a qualified staff of 130 people and specializes in knowledge-intensive business development and international capacity building. The park offers measures for strategically managing and valorising research and for increasing industry innovation level and competitiveness. AREA has a long-standing experience in managing national and EU projects concerning innovation policies and practices, cooperative RTD, technology transfer and innovation management and it is a member of primary European and international networks, such as EBN-European Business and Innovation Centre Network, IASP-International Association of Science Parks, TII- Association for the Transfer of Technology, Innovation and Industrial Information, EEN-Enterprise Europe Network.


Mechanical Engineering Faculty Slavonski Brod

Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Slavonski Brod is a part of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek. The foundations of the Faculty were laid in 1962, when the Faculty began work as a High school organized by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb, which eventually became the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Slavonski Brod and 1979 becomes a part of the University of J.J.Strossmayer of Osijek.

Currently, there are 720 students at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Slavonski Brod (including all programmes: university undergraduate study, university graduate study, and the study programmes before the Bologna process). Out of 32 generations of enrolled students, the following graduated: 545 at university undergraduate studies, 429 at professional undergraduate studies (before the Bologna process). There are 48 students with title: Baccalaureus Engineer (university and professional) and 28 Masters of Mechanical Engineering.

Faculty has 24 teachers in science teaching profession, of which: 11 full professors, 7 associate professors, 6 docents. Furthermore, four teachers were selected in the teaching profession (lecturers and senior lecturers), 10 research assistants, 8 staff in associate professions (senior assistants andassistants), and three associates in a professional occupation (senior associate, associate), a total of 49 workers.

There are four institutes at the Faculty has four department: Department for Mechanical Design, Department for Production Engineering, Department for Materials Engineering, Department for Industrial Engineering, and Chair for Common Subjects.


Croatian Chamber of Economy – Branch Slavonski Brod

 CCE is actively working on attracting foreign investment, but also helps local businesses to cope with the fast growing market of the EU. His contribution to the process of Croatian accession to the European Union Chamber of Commerce gives through the number of activities such as lobbying by CCE representatives in Brussels and with membership in many international economic associations. Through the Enterprise Europe Network Croatian – Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), together with its four regional centers in the county chambers, CCE provides its members access to all information about the EU, and with organization of seminars of EU funds and other issues helps Croatian businessmen in appearance on the EU market and increasing their opportunities to obtain funds from these funds.

With its 160 years long tradition the CCE, as a modern and professional institutions represents a reliable source of information for all Croatian companies and their foreign partners and in cooperation with state institutions works on representation and protection of the Croatian economy interest. The door of CCE is opened to all domestic and foreign businesses subject and Chamber provides them with business information, services and contacts.

The basic tasks of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, according to the Law and Statute (Official Gazette 11/94 – consolidated text, 108/95 and 19/96.), are:

  • representation, coordination and protection of members common interests in front of the state bodies;
  • participation in shaping of the economic system and economic policy measures;
  • participation in the process of restructuring the economy;
  • developing entrepreneurial initiatives;
  • promotion of the Croatian economy abroad and establishing relationships of business world and Croatia;
  • encouraging research and innovation processes, products and services;
  • business education;
  • establishing a common information system;
  • the performance of entrusted public duties, etc.


The City of Nova Gradiška

The City of Nova Gradiška is located on the area of western Slavonia. The city has 15.800 citizens and the center of area with a population of 60.000. Economic potentials of City Nova Gradiška, constitute a significant human and natural resource, and outstanding geo-traffic position. Workforce is relatively educated and qualified. Nova Gradiška is positioned on crossroads of important international roads (E70) and railroads, telecommunications systems and oil pipeline, that connect countries Western Europe with the countries of Southeast Europe and the Middle East, what forms the basis for the development of the City as of traffic, the logistical and the distribution centre. The significant forest and agricultural areas, preserved natural environment with a relatively low degree of pollution, form the basis for the development of tourism, ecological agriculture and forestry, the wood processing and food processing industries based on highly quality domestic raw materials and long-standing tradition.


Chamber of Crafts Brod Posavina County

Croatian Chamber of Crafts is an independent professional business organization of craftsmen established to promote harmonization and representing the interests of crafts. Chamber of Crafts of Brod Posavina County is a member of the Croatian Chamber, which is consisted of the 20 county crafts chambers with about 100.000 tradesmen. In Chamber of Crafts Brod Posavina County two associations of craftsmen are members from the field Brod Posavina County with 3.555 craftsmen.


Electrotehnical and economic Nova Gradiška

Electrical school Nova Gradiška is a public institution, covering education and upbringing of students. The purpose and goal of education in electrical engineering area, in addition to the common objectives of secondary education and training for performing work the participation in the designing, preparation and management in specific areas of electrical engineering. The goal is to acquire a good general education, which will enable individuals continue their education in colleges and high schools in the area of technical sciences, primarily in electronics. In addition to the above objectives the purpose of education in this school is to develop intellectual abilities of students, affirming of rational attitude towards the school subjects, and training students for independent learning. Therefore the students of this school should be strive for the adoption of general human moral values, keeping of personal dignity, the dignity of school and their homeland.


Industrial school Nova Gradiška

Foundations of Industrial Secondary School Nova Gradiška date back to early 1887 when the apprentice school was established in Nova Gradiška. The first scholar was enrolled 1888, and taught the fur art. First class in school was founded in 1889 and had 11 students: 3 carpenters, 2 cart wrights, one merchant, a blacksmith, locksmith, hatter, printer and skinner.

Through the history school has changed seven names, and since 1992 is called the Industrial school. The school has 63 employees, whereof 47 teachers, 4 professional associates, 4 administrative and technical staff and 8 support staff, the school have 574 students.

Also, the Industrial School has 26 departments, and educational fields are mechanical engineering, wood processing, textiles, and gastronomy and trade professions. Thus, students can enrol in the following educational programs: CNC operator, operator on numerically controlled machine tools, installer of house installations, installer of water, gas, heating and cooling system, garage mechanic, locksmith, locksmith assistant, assembler of machinery and construction, carpenter, dressmaker, cook and waiter, cook assistant, cook assistant and confectioner, salesman, commercialist.