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The aim of the project TECHNOLOGY INCUBATOR NOVA GRADIŠKA is the development of the high quality entrepreneurial business infrastructure as the basis for entrepreneurship growth and attraction of investments based on innovation, knowledge and new technologies which will influence the creation of the high quality work places, while considering the effective management of environment and resources.

The project is co-financed by the European within the Operational programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014. – 2020. The project’s total value is 29.847.343,00 HRK, while the amount of non-refundable EU support is 19.945.084,23 HRK. The project’s applicant is Industrial park Nova Gradiška Ltd., while the project partners are the City of Nova Gradiška and Centar za razvoj Brodsko-posavske županije. During the project, the following partners will actively contribute to its implementation: Brod Posavina County, Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Slavonski Brod, Industrial School Nova Gradiška, Tera Tehnopolis d.o.o., Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber Slavonski Brod, Chamber of Crafts Brod Posavina County, Centar of competences for advanced engineering Nova Gradiška. Duration of the project is 18 months. The project’s implementation has started in September 2017., while its planned to be finished in March 2019.

THE MAIN GOAL – Contribution to the smart and sustainable regional development and competitiveness improvement of Brod Posavina County and region by growth of high technology companies and investments attraction. Through the development of business infrastructure and investments attraction in the sector of high technology, the terms for the intensive growth of the existed and new companies will be created.

THE SPECIFIC GOAL – The creation of internationally recognised business and investment destination which provides highly specialized services to the companies, research and educational institutions in the area of new technologies, knowledge and innovation development and application. It will enable the company’s capacity to develop innovative products and services, boost the competitiveness of business sector and creation of innovative and technology oriented companies, including an effective environmental resources management.

TARGET GROUPS – The project is intended for the following target groups: technology oriented companies, startups, entreprenurial and support institutions, creative and digital oriented companies, other business users of the office space.


  • Construction works, nabava opreme i usluga – development of the high quality entrepreneurial business infrastructure as the basis for the entrepreneuship and investment growth based on innovation, knowledge and advanced technologies
  • Development of 5 different business support services: technological services, business and marketing services, services of pre-incubation and incubation, service of business internationalization (EEN), virtual incubator
  • Promotion and visibility
  • Project management.


  • Establishment of the Technology Incubator – constructed and equipped infrastructure, established efficient organizational structure of TI
  • Developed high quality business support services for growth and competitiveness of new and existing technology oriented companies in the area of advanced engineering and management
  • Implemented promotional and visibility activities in order to promote Technology incubator and inform the public on society benefits of the project’s realization and the EU role in the project’s financing

Project is successfully implemented (the project goals are accomplished) according to the planned budget and time frame.